Wasserspiele in Hellbrunn

©Schlossverwaltung Hellbrunn
©Schlossverwaltung Hellbrunn
The paths are straight. Sometimes they are very narrow. There are two disabled toilets. One in the area where the cash desk is. And one in the castle courtyard. There is a video guide for people who can't hear.

The water games at Hellbrunn are very popular.
There is a big park there.
There is an old castle in the park.
But the grottos are especially exciting.
There are stone figures there.
Water comes out of some figures like from a fountain.  
There is also a mechanical theater.
Mechanical means what is moved.
In the Mechanical Theater the water power is very important. With the water power, figures are moved.
The water games have been around for a very long time.
At that time, the water plays were very unique.
You can see the Water Games only with a guided tour.
A guided tour lasts about 40 minutes.

Grotto: A grotto is a small cave.
Caves are made by people